Changing Tides Team Building

Scout Teambuilding

Bring your group out for a day unlike any you have ever shared before! Our unique adventure combines the benefits of team building with a day of kayaking on Tomales Bay.  These fun-filled challenges are suitable for any group: students, scouts, schools, staff and adult organizations. The day's activities is easily adapted to your group’s dynamics, abilities and desires.

Our games and challenges are designed to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and removal of group inhibitors.  Different activities promote different roles for each participant and all participants have opportunities to act in leadership roles as the day evolves. After each activity or at the end of the day, the group will have the opportunity to discuss and assess what they experienced, what they observed or learned, and how these things apply to their lives and work together.

The day begins with learning about the appropriate gear for kayaking and basic paddling techniques. With these skills in hand, we ready ourselves to launch the kayaks. Once on the water, we will spend some time just getting the hang of it, talking about the natural history of the area and paddling on the bay.  

On the water we will play a couple of games to get us moving and working as a group and in pairs. Dependent on tides and weather we will kayak to a suitable location to do some on land activities.  Weather permitting and considering group preference, we can include activities that involve getting wet and possibly swimming.  The goal of the day is to provide opportunities for personal and group successes for every participant. 

Raft Up

Tomales Bay is a great location to learn about wildlife, geology, water science, weather, or ecosystem dynamics, team-building and group cohesion. We can create the right blend for your group’s needs and provide them with an unforgettable adventure.

Games and Challenges: Click here for a list and description of the games we offer.